1. VOLUME_1_-_BERBER_REPAIRS-small-patch

    2. Small Patches

    3. VOLUME_1_-_BERBER_REPAIRS-large-patch




    1. VOLUME_3_-_SEAM_REPAIRS-mini-stretcher

    2. VOLUME_3_-_SEAM_REPAIRS-creating-a-seam

    3. VOLUME_3_-_SEAM_REPAIRS-fractured-seams

    4. VOLUME_3_-_SEAM_REPAIRS-double-stick

    1. VOLUME_4_-_DELAMINATION-delamination

    2. VOLUME_4_-_DELAMINATION-carpetbubbles

    3. VOLUME_4_-_DELAMINATION-delamination-of-transit

    1. VOLUME_5_-_SAD_SPOTS_spots

    2. VOLUME_5_-_SAD_SPOTS_clip-snip-repair

    3. VOLUME_5_-_SAD_SPOTS_flip-clip-under-repair

    4. VOLUME_5_-_SAD_SPOTS_pull-plug-repair

    5. VOLUME_5_-_SAD_SPOTS_kool-glide-face-repair

    1. How to create a Custom Rug

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About Your Instructor

Instructor Steve Andrews

41 year veteran in the cleaning industry.17 years as an Instructor for the cleaning and restoration industry29 years as a ‘Certified Flooring Inspector’ and Expert Witness for The cleaning and Restoration IndustryConsultant to Fiber Producers; Carpet Manufacturers; Large Commercial Institutions as well as Private Individuals Steve has owned and operated a Multi-truck Cleaning Company. He has also owned and operated a Full Service Cleaning and Restoration Distributorship.Steve has experienced the joys of restoration and the pains of failing in the same types of restoration. He has considered all of this as ‘Continuing Education’ throughout his career. He knows what it means to clean 50 motel rooms in a day for 5.00 per room (circa 1974 time periods) to working on very high end properties with textiles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and collecting proper returns for the corrective work and saving very expensive textiles. Steve has been doing ‘Carpet and Flooring Repairs’ for over 32 years and has always considered the mistakes and lack of education of the flooring industry to be ‘Job Security!’ This Corrective Work has opened doors to large resort properties (Disney Properties; Sea World; Large Time Share Properties and so on). By developing a relationship with these and many large Property Management Companies, Steve had developed a progressive living for himself for many years but also has trained many other Professionals in the same work. He also spent years working for Private Cleaning Companies and training their personal to perform corrective services and adding to their company’s bottom line.One of the beautiful things of ‘Corrective Repairs’ and learning this, is what Steve has developed called ‘BackDoor Marketing’. This has allowed him to ‘OPEN’ many doors that to an average cleaner, would likely never get opened. The beauty of ‘Corrective Repairs’ is not only the income they can bring but also the doors of opportunity they can open for us as cleaners.Many years ago, when he had customers who had a tear or a rip or some form of damage in a carpet his company would be cleaning, he realized the opportunity of being able to repair these damaged areas. They never would get better and the consumer always would want something done to save their flooring textiles. Thus, the career game changer was developed, and ‘Corrective Repairs’ and ‘BackDoor Marketing’ produced great results.Steve has been training and helping individuals as well as large companies add this service to their service and the results have been great for many years in this field.Since there is so little ‘good information’ on this subject and often very poor results as a whole in our industry, Steve developed Video Training in the ‘Corrective Repair’ industry. They were developed to help ones to learn the ‘Art of Carpet Repair’. These are all based on real life conditions. He has always asked his students and clients to ‘Just Look Down’ and see the damaged areas that can be repaired and then calculate the income potential. If one becomes ready for these, his business can easily grow and prosper. Steve also learned the art of Custom Rug Making and how to use a simple process to build customer loyalty as well as develop new customers. This is a great item to learn and apply to one’s business.Carpet repair has been a major part of Steve’s business and service to his clients throughout the last 32 years of his business.