• 2


    • Ad Comparison Cheat Sheet

    • Table Of Contents & Important Links

    • What will you learn from this course?

  • 3

    Setting Budgets

    • How To Work Out a Budget For Facebook Ads

  • 4

    How to create advertisements

    • How to set up a Facebook Ads Manager account + how to select a payment method

    • How to create a Facebook Advert

  • 5

    Understanding Facebook

    • Understanding Facebook's marketing objectives

    • Understanding how to target different audiences

  • 6

    Target the right people

    • How to set up interest targeting

    • How to set up behavior targeting

    • How to set up connections targeting

    • How to create custom audiences

    • How to create look a like audiences

  • 7


    • How to create engaging Facebooks ads

    • How to manage, monitor and optimize your Facebook ad

    • How to A/B split test your Facebook ads

    • How to use Power Editor

    • How to create a campaign in Power Editor

    • How to create a Facebook pixel

    • How to create a custom conversion

  • 8

    Retargeting & Boosting

    • How to retarget on Facebook

    • How to boost a page post

    • How to boost a post ad

    • Comparing boosted page posts, post ads and Facebook ads

  • 9

    Extra Tips

    • Tips for your Facebook business page

    • Tips for local Facebook forums

  • 10


    • 20 Faceook Ad Ideas To Try In Your Cleaning Business

About Your Instructor

Daisy Foster

Daisy helps cleaning businesses grow. Her company 'Smart Cleaner Advertising', builds websites, creates Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns and writes SEO friendly content for cleaners. Her blog has helpful videos that can teach you how to make your cleaning business a success.



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