Spot Dyeing Online Course

Spot Dyeing Online Course

taught by Melody David
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Melody David
Melody David

About the instructor

Americolor is the oldest and largest carpet dye manufacturer in the United States. We are proud to be family owned and operated for over 35 years, making only the highest quality carpet dyes on the market.

Our concentrated dyes are identical to the original mill manufactured dye, already in your carpet. Carpet Dyes are vibrant, highly resistant to fading and available in over 70 colors.

In order to learn spot dyeing with these online courses, you need to actually practice with different colored carpet samples and do the dye work yourself. Spot dyeing takes a lot of practice and experience to get good.

Who this class is for :

People who cannot make it to an in person class and are willing to tackle learning spot dyeing by themselves. A self starter who will actually put in the work by themselves to learn and practice this craft.

Who this class is not for:

Someone who wants 100% guidance along the way or is colorblind. If you feel you are really truly bad with color or a person who has never taken an online class before I suggest trying to find one of our in person classes. You can find the schedule here: We offer private classes too if there isn’t one in your area.

That being said, this video is designed for you to spot dye along with me while you’re watching the video. You will have to get dyes and carpet samples to do this.

The first thing you should do is get some nylon carpet and put bleach on it. Start with just small spots like I have on the carpet samples in the video. Don't start with a big bleach spot on carpet for your first example. Trust me, I’ve taught a lot of cleaners how to spot dye and you’ll only make yourself frustrated by trying too work on larger bleach spots when you first begin. You will want to bleach out your carpet samples right away because it might take about 24 hours for the bleach to take its full effect, and you want to start learning tomorrow right? You should have a Professional Spot Dye Kit on hand to do the dyeing with. ( You can’t learn to spot dye if you don't have dyes). By having the Professional Spot Dye Kit you will have 40 colors at your side for topping colors. If you don't know what a topping color is don’t worry, I’ll explain it in the video and it will make all of your spot dye jobs look MUCH better than just using the 3 primary colors.

When I do something in the video like putting some powder dye in a cup… do the same thing! Some of it might seem simple but for you to get comfortable with carpet dyeing you need to “play with the dye” and learn your colors. It would be best to do it in the same order that I do it in. Try to use somewhat similar colored carpet samples as I do in the video. The colors I use are dark brown, taupes, beiges, tans, red and green.

Watch the clips in order and make sure to do the readings. I might have something written down that I didn’t say on the video or you might understand the way it’s written better than the nonscripted way I say it. Take notes because it enhances the amount you learn and remember.

People learn in different kinds of ways. Some things might not make sense to you the first time time I mention it in the video or when you read the PDF’s throughout the video, but when I rephrase the sentence later hopefully you’ll understand the second time.

If you have questions about carpet dyeing or maybe you didn't get something in the video, don't worry. I will invite you to our FaceBook Group ‘The Dyers Guild’ so you can ask questions 

Best of Luck with Spot Dyeing! I sincerely wish you all the best in your dye adventures!


Melody David

Americolor Corp CEO

PS- Practice makes perfect. Bleach some carpet and get to practicing!


You can get a kit here:

With the class, you get 20% off any kit. You will definitely get your money's worth out of this kit! Most people don't need a refill of dye for at least 5 years.

Course Contents

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