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Tips & Tricks

  • Viewing Competition
  • How to clean truckmount vacuum hoses
  • How to bring in Vacuum Line Hoses Inside a House
  • Brochure Holder
  • Bed Liner
  • Wand Stops
  • TMF DIY Tips and Tricks Series #1 for Carpet Cleaners!
  • TMF Tip: Instant Soap and Water
  • TMF Tip: Portable Leak (w/ Jaime Fabara)
  • 2.5" to the Door for more Vacuum- For Pro Carpet Cleaners!
  • TMF Tip: 4 to the door
  • Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks
  • How to set up a carpet cleaning truck
  • How to set up a carpet cleaning truck part 2
  • How to Rebuild a Blower Part 1
  • How to Rebuild a Blower Part 2
  • How to Rebuild a Blower Part 3
  • How to Rebuild a Blower Part 4
  • How to Rebuild a Blower Part 5
  • How to Rebuild a Wand Valve
  • How to Install a Slide Glide onto a Prochem Quad Wand
  • How to Install a PMF 802 Stainless Steel Lip Glide
  • How to Install an AW29 Lip Stainless Steel Glide
  • How to Install an AW29 Feather Touch Valve
  • How to Install a Feather Touch Valve- Fits all Prochems, WestPaks, CMPs and more
  • How to Install a PMF 802 Feather Touch Valve
  • PMF Wand Modifications (Lip and Valve)
  • TOTW Hose Repair/Spray Downer/Cuff Repair
  • How to keep your TruckMount equipment warm- Winterization for carpet cleaning machines
  • How to Install and Maintain Jet Extenders
  • How to Measure your Truckmount's Performance
  • How to Install a Carpet Cleaning Glide
  • Temperature Gauges for Carpet Cleaning
  • El Diablo Install
  • DIY Wand Bypass Install
  • DIY Male Hex Nipple Replacement
  • Cat Pump Low Pressure Seal Replacement
  • Free Flow
  • TMF TOTW- Fels Holder
  • Inline Sprayer Tips & Tricks for Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning Truck Mount Cooling Procedures
  • How to Mod, Maintain, and Use Inline Sprayer
  • How to Clean Carpet Cleaning Vacuum Hoses
  • How to Bring Carpet Cleaning Vacuum Lines in Tip
  • 4 to Door vs 2.5 Hose for Carpet Cleaning
  • QD's for Carpet Cleaning Safety & Standard

How To Rebuild a Blower

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5

About Your Instructor

Robert Allen

Robert Allen


Rob is the owner of a 35 year old carpet cleaning company with 10 trucks, termite, and moisture damage company, complete rug washing studio. He makes & distributes his own chemicals-equipment and tools. In a general interest to help the rest of the cleaning community, he runs a cleaning consulting firm.  

Owner of:


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