VLM CLEANING (Encapsulation)

VLM CLEANING (Encapsulation) Expert

VLM, very low moisture, has been around for decades. But not until recently has the chemistry evolved to take VLM/Encapsulation to a new level. Learn the difference between film formers, crystal formers...


New Chapter


  • Introduction To VLM (Very Low Moisture)
  • What IS VLM?
  • Hot Water Extraction VS Very Low Moisture
  • Chemistry
  • Equipment
  • Where To Purchase?
  • Web Worksheet

12 Steps To Take


  • 12 Step VLM Cleaning Process Intro
  • Step 1 Walkthrough
  • Step 2 Identification
  • Step 3 Test
  • Step 4 - Set Up
  • Step 5 Pre-Vacuum
  • Step 6 Pre-Spot
  • Middle of the Steps
  • Step 7 - Pre-Spray
  • Step 8 - Cleaning
  • Step 9 - Post Spotting
  • Step 10 - Post-Bonnet
  • Step 11 - Post-Vacuum
  • Step 12 - Post Walkthrough



  • VLM Equipment Breakdown
  • Marketing VLM

VLM Quiz

  • VLM Quiz

About Your Instructor

Robert Allen

Robert Allen


Rob is the owner of a 35 year old carpet cleaning company with 10 trucks, termite, and moisture damage company, complete rug washing studio. He makes & distributes his own chemicals-equipment and tools. In a general interest to help the rest of the cleaning community, he runs a cleaning consulting firm.  

Owner of:



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Rob's VLM Cleaning (Encapsulation) online course is AWESOME!!!

From Elmo Dasalla

Rob's VLM Cleaning course was very informative. Any questions I had was answered in one of the many videos. If you've never taken a class on VLM, this will really open your eyes and thoughts of u...

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From micheal knight

would love to have a seen a real job in action to demonstrate

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